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Lazy Q Ranch

Founder of Quanta Services, John Colson, envisioned a place that the industry workforce could be trained under the strictest safety measures and with the best talent available. Colson succeeded in this and opened the Lazy Q Ranch in August of 2015.

Nestled in the small town of La Grange, Texas is the Lazy Q Ranch, a world class training facility. Situated on over 2,100 acres the Lazy Q is home to the most rigorous training operation in the industry. The focus is on safety education, skill development and certifications.

Electric power linemen and customers can train on cutting-edge technology for all transmission structure types and up to 345kV. This area is powered by its own substation, completely separate from the power provided for the ranch. Quanta Energized Services oversees this portion of the training facility, bringing proprietary technology techniques to the workforce.

The oil and gas section houses pipelines in all major diameters, a flow loop and underground testing capabilities. The pipeline area was designed to be flexible and allow for various diameter pipes to be brought in for integrity testing and training, making this a custom-solution for training on a challenging project.

The telecommunications village features a small town with homes at various stages of construction. This enables development training at all milestones of a project.

The Lazy Q Ranch evolves with the industry and was designed to mirror Quanta’s growth. As we expand our service capabilities, so will the training facility.

Currently we are offering the following trainings:

  • AUT Technology
  • Barehand
  • Crane Training
  • Directional Drilling
  • Fiber Splicing
  • Fundamentals of Pipeline Inspection
  • Hot Stick
  • I&R
  • Inside Build
  • Lineman Training
  • Micro-Trenching
  • MT & UT Training & Certification
  • Pipeline Data Analyst
  • Q-Inline Prep for Field Based Inspection
  • Robotic Arm
  • Safety Accident Investigation Workshop
  • Tool Testing
  • Weights & Forces
  • Work Procedure Training
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